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Custom Shaped Beer Mats

Custom Shaped Beer Mats

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Bespoke beer mats produced in any shape and size

Unusually shaped beer mats are great for grabbing attention and creating interaction with your product or promotion.

To order or obtain a quote please call or email sales@zyan.co.uk.

Below are some previous custom shaped beer mats to help get your imagination going!

Xmas Tree Beer Mat  

Synergy wanted to send out a christmas greeting card with a difference. They came up with the idea of a 3D christmas tree greeting card that was sent out flat with kiss cuts and instructions to assemble.

This golf company kiss cut the centre of a beer mat so you could poke the middle through, leaving you with an edge to uses as a putting hole!

  Golf Beer Mat
Footballer Beer Mat  

This football themed beer mat was punched with two holes. The idea being that you put your fingers through to create the legs of the footballer. Drinkers would then play football with a coin as the ball!

Zyan also produces standard 94mm square and round beer mats.

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